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I ♥ KPop

Nickname: HeeYeon (희연)

Localidad: Spain

Color favorito: Azul

Idols: F(x) (Amber), Global Icon (OneKet)

Twitter: @HeeYeon95

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Glow In The Dark Tiny Daisy Necklace

Inside of this glass dome rests a real, tiny daisy. The glass dome is secured with an ornate, silver-plated metal back. Glows bright blue when worn in the dark. Sold on Etsy.

"You damn degenerate monk! Stay in your temple and don't come out!"

Tsubaki & Azusa - The hot twins 

▪▫ Asahina twins ❤ Brothers Conflict ▫▪

Some of my fave Reverse Harem Anime’s

b r o t h e r s c o n f l i c t  || four 245x245 azusa icons

Happy Birthday, Iori Asahina! ♚ 4/17

[018/] endless list of favourite characters
>> asahina natsume from brothers conflict

"Those two are voice actors."

b r o t h e r s c o n f l i c t  || 13 brothers

kamigami no asobi - god mode -

Lumpy Space Princess - Adventure Time